Being Brave Together

Brave Together is our dedication to trustworthy relationships

It promotes trust and well-being for employees and suppliers. It ensures human rights, health, safety, wages, and working conditions are improved through all our partnerships. We strive to guarantee inclusive and respectful working environments and support communities through the OTB Foundation.

Fostering trustworthy relationships and promoting the welfare of our employees and suppliers

Brave Together is the embodiment of OTB Group's dedication to fostering trustworthy relationships and promoting the welfare of our employees and suppliers. This is accomplished through various projects and partnerships that ensure human rights are upheld, health and safety monitored, and better working conditions and wages are provided throughout the supply chain. The Group also ensures that its working environments are inclusive and respectful of diversity and gender equality. Moreover, it contributes to local and international communities by supporting the OTB Foundation, which aims to create a positive social impact that lasts for years to come.

Our goal

The strategy focuses on improving employees' experience, developing leaders and talents, and creating an agile and efficient organizational model. Our goal is to establish a model of excellence centered on people, referred to as "the Braves”, by providing support throughout their working life.

This includes opportunities for growth, development, and personal well-being. To achieve this, the Group offers a variety of growth opportunities and training programs, with a special focus on leadership development, international mobility, and job rotation. Our aim is to build an organizational model that facilitates decision-making and competition, while promoting individual and team contributions.