Letter to Stakeholders

Letter to Stakeholders

For years now, at OTB we have been on a journey to evolve our sustainability strategy.

Sustainability is a way of thinking, deciding and acting that should guide everything we do. I wanted to apply this vision to the OTB approach to sustainability, which originated way back and becomes more concrete and ambitious as each year passes.

The Group 2022 Sustainability Report is a tool for us to talk about everything we do under our Be Responsible. Be Brave. strategy and to ensure that all our brands and companies are moving in the direction we have mapped out.

I am really proud of the path our labels are taking to adopt an increasingly responsible approach right from the initial product design stages, because sustainability is a state of mind.

I am very satisfied with the meaningful results we are achieving, and I am certain we shall do even better in the future, as a Group and also as an industry. Sustainability is not a challenge you can win on your own; to be really effective and go the full mile we have to be a team.

This is why, besides making significant progress towards the targets we have set ourselves as OTB, such as achieving carbon neutrality in our operations by 2030, we have joined forces with the leading players in fashion and luxury on strategic initiatives to help reduce the environmental impact of the entire sector. For example, with all our brands we have joined The Fashion Pact and were one of the promoters of Re.Crea, a consortium of Italian excellences in fashion and luxury, coordinated by the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, for joint end-of-life management of textiles and promotion of new recycling solutions. We have also registered more than 300,000 garments on the AURA blockchain platform, another consortium of which we are founder members, which creates digital authenticity certificates for our products to ensure their value over time and provide the end consumer with greater transparency. This is an example of the way technology can be a fundamental tool at the service of sustainability.

Our ambition to become a reference for Italian luxury also involves a commitment to supporting the supply chain, composed largely of small and medium-sized companies, whose expertise and traditions have created something magnificent, the essence of Made in Italy. We offer our suppliers financial support – with projects like C.A.S.H. – and strategic support; in return, we ask them to comply with stringent guidelines on environmental and social responsibility.

As an entrepreneur, I believe in a circular business model, where a company produces, sells, creates value and returns it to the community. This was the starting point for the formation in 2006 of the OTB Foundation, which, over the years, has supported more than 350 projects and helped more than 350 thousand people. Of course it’s never enough, but I am very proud of what we have managed to do to help women, children, people in need and the populations affected by international emergencies and the war in Ukraine, welcoming more than 440 refugees to Italy and giving them assistance, a home and new hope for the future.

You have to be brave to be sustainable: it takes courage to think outside the box, to change, to improve, to invest resources. And courage is something we have in spades.

–Renzo Rosso