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OTB is the parent company of some of the most iconic fashion 
brands like Diesel, Maison Margiela, Marni, Viktor&Rolf, and
state-of-the-art companies like Staff International, and Brave Kid.
Our brands are globally recognized as the brands of unconventional,
individual consumers. OTB reveals its brands’ true essence and character:
innovative and iconic, unique and daring. Carrying this ambitious vision
into the future, our brands not only change the way consumers see
themselves but also the world around them. 
Chaired by Renzo Rosso, the Italian entrepreneur who founded Diesel,
the group embodies his spirit and vision today. OTB believes in pushing
the boundaries of fashion and lifestyle, offering a portfolio of global brands
to a new breed of consumer – those who challenge traditional perceptions,
preferring to embrace fashion on their own.
Standing for “Only the Brave”, even the name OTB
reflects the group’s vision and values.
Passion and creativity. And a pragmatic approach to building global brands.

Building brands

We don’t simply acquire brands or companies,
our ambition is to develop them into successful, iconic businesses

A new breed of consumer

We believe there is a modern, unconventional group of savvy individuals
who want to express their identity and lifestyle through what they wear

Enabling development

As a corporate organization we serve to provide the expertise, tools and services
to facilitate the growth of the brands and companies of our group

Challenging the rules

Our attitude in all we do is always to innovate and think of
how things could be done differently

Fostering creativity

Creativity is at the center of everything we do, and we constantly and naturally commit
to nurturing creativity and talent, especially the unconventional and young

“I want OTB to be associated with a specific edge of fashion -
one that challenges the rules and is driven by creativity”

President, OTB

(Born in 1955 in Northeast Italy, a young Renzo Rosso commandeered 
his mother’s sewing machine to create a pair of extravagantly flared pants. 
He wore them, his friends wanted them too, and a clothing pioneer was born.
He co-founded Diesel in 1978 and made it an iconic brand thanks to its unique
products and the innovative, provoking tone of voice of its marketing. 
Today he is the father of six, the president of OTB, and a Millennium Development Goals
Global Leader to the United Nations, thanks to his philanthropic work with 
his Only The Brave Foundation)


- 1978 -

Renzo Rosso co-founds
the brand Diesel

- Mid ‘90s -

Diesel starts developing its worldwide,
retail network

- 2001 -

Staff International signs worldwide 
production and distribution license 
agreement with DSquared²

- 2002 -

Only The Brave becomes majority
shareholder of
Maison Margiela

- 2008 -

Only The Brave becomes majority
shareholder of Viktor&Rolf 

- 2010 -

Only The Brave opens its headquarters
built on the principles of eco-compatibility

- 2011 -

Brave Kid is created, specialized in
childrenswear, production and
worldwide distribution

- 2012 -

Brave Kid signs worldwide production and
distribution license agreement with DSquared2

- 2013 -

Only The Brave changes its name 
to its acronym OTB