Empowering our people and creating opportunities for growth 

People at the heart

People are the heart of OTB strategy. We want to provide support at every stage of their work life and support their personal well-being.

Working at OTB

We’ve created a work environment that encourages professional growth and empowers people to be brave and show their unique skills. To achieve this, we offer a competitive total reward policy, training programs and opportunities for leadership development, international mobility and job rotation. Our internal communication and engagement plan, events, initiatives and digital tools were developed with people in mind to encourage sharing and participation opportunities, spreading the enthusiasm of employees all over the world.

People Strategy

Our People Strategy was designed to enhance our unique employee experience, develop leaders and talents, and build a more agile and efficient organizational model.

We focus on culture and inclusion, change management, organization and skills to reach individual talent at all levels of our organization.

Communication, continuous listening, and engagement programs help us achieve the highest levels of commitment and satisfaction for our employees, and we encourage worldwide sharing and participation opportunities to generate enthusiasm and a deep sense of belonging for employees across the world.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At OTB, we recognize that including individuals of diverse cultures and backgrounds is not only the right thing to do, but it also provides a unique competitive advantage