Be Responsible. Be Brave.

Sustainability is a key element across OTB operations, and it is an integral part of the Group business decisions. In 2021, we launched “Be Responsible. Be Brave.”, our Group Sustainability Strategy. OTB has set ambitious environmental and social sustainability targets to contribute to the development of a more responsible fashion system, the protection of the environment, the preservation of the biodiversity, the adoption of circular business models, and the promotion of values such as inclusivity and equality along the entire value chain.

Our Pillars

The “Be Responsible. Be Brave.” Strategy is based on three pillars, each of which encompasses specific objectives related to environmental, social and governance topics, aimed to a continuous improvement: The New Fashion System, Protecting Our Planet and Brave Together.

The New Fashion System

We are committed to developing a more responsible fashion system, considering both environmental and social impacts along the entire value chain. We promote innovative product design, the adoption of circular business models, the research and use of lower impact materials, and responsible sourcing and traceability along the entire value chain.

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Protecting Our Planet

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and supporting the fashion industry in its decarbonization journey. The Group implements strategies aimed at reducing its GHG emissions, preserving the biodiversity, protecting the oceans and developing a responsible water stewardship and chemical management system.

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Brave Together

We are committed to ensuring open and inclusive working environments that promote continuous learning, respect for diversity, gender equality and employee well-being. Through the OTB Foundation activities and partnerships, the Group is actively creating a positive, concrete and long-term positive impact across local communities and areas of the world in emergency situations.

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Strategy and Governance

OTB has embarked on a path to ensure the continuous improvement of its sustainability performance