People at the Heart of our Group Sustainability Strategy

Brave Together

We are committed to ensuring open and inclusive working environments that promote continuous learning, respect for diversity, gender equality and employee well-being. Through the OTB Foundation activities and partnerships, the Group is actively creating a positive, concrete and long-term positive impact across local communities and areas of the world in emergency situations.

Promoting relationships based on trust and well-being

Every employee is valued as a unique individual and integral part of the “Only The Brave” family. In 2023, the OTB Group drew up a new strategy for the management of its human resources – the Braves – whose goal is to create an environment that fosters professional growth by empowering people’s unique and distinctive skills and encouraging talent through policies that stand for the inclusion, the diversity and the recognition of merit.

The OTB Foundation

The OTB Foundation is the non-profit organization established to make a difference in people's lives by ensuring equal opportunities