OTB has embarked on a path to ensure the continuous improvement of its sustainability performance

OTB Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is a key driver in OTB operations, and we are committed to integrating these considerations into the business practices of each company of the Group, to contribute to the creation of a more responsible fashion system. The “Be Responsible. Be Brave.” Strategy guides our actions and defines the goals aimed to continuously improve our ESG performance.

Our concrete commitment towards ESG topics

At OTB, we are committed to integrating sustainability principles into our business practices to concretely contribute to fight climate change, promote a positive social impact and develop a governance system based on ethics and transparency. Through its three pillars, the Sustainability Strategy "Be Responsible. Be Brave." reflects our long-term commitment towards our employees, the community and all the stakeholders, and defines specific environmental and social sustainability targets for the entire Group.

The New Fashion System

We are committed to developing a more responsible fashion system, considering both environmental and social impacts along the entire value chain. We promote innovative product design, the adoption of circular business models, the research and use of lower impact materials, and responsible sourcing and traceability along the entire value chain.

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Protecting Our Planet

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and supporting the fashion industry in its decarbonization journey. The Group implements strategies aimed at reducing its GHG emissions, preserving the biodiversity, protecting the oceans and developing a responsible water stewardship and chemical management system.

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Brave Together

We are committed to ensuring open and inclusive working environments that promote continuous learning, respect for diversity, gender equality and employee well-being. Through the OTB Foundation activities and partnerships, the Group is actively creating a positive, concrete and long-term positive impact across local communities and areas of the world in emergency situations.

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Sustainability Governance

We have adopted an ESG governance system designed to ensure a coherent integration of sustainability performance into our business strategies and the coordination of the several initiatives.

The OTB Board of Directors includes an Independent Director, with specific ESG background, appointed to support the Group on decisions concerning sustainability strategies, in line with the market and key stakeholders’ requirements.

The OTB internal governance is chaired by the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), who coordinates the sustainability initiatives at both Group and subsidiary level and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer. The OTB Group Sustainability function is structured as a “Professional Family”, and it is composed of Sustainability Professionals, who are responsible for the implementation of sustainability initiatives in their respective companies and of Sustainability Champions, who are responsible to coordinate initiatives on sustainability within their respective organisations.

Among the active members of the “Professional Family” is Andrea Rosso, son of Diesel Founder, Renzo Rosso, appointed as Diesel Sustainability Ambassador in 2020. Andrea, as the brand's internal and external spokesperson, contributes to spreading a shared sustainability culture within the brand.

Our sustainability timeline


  • JUN 2020
    Creation of the Corporate Sustainability Department and appointment of the Group's first Chief Sustainability Officer


  • JUL 2021
    OTB launches “Be Responsible. Be Brave.”, the Group Sustainability Strategy
  • AUG 2021
    OTB joins the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) programme for the elimination of hazardous chemicals from the fashion industry
  • DEC 2021
    OTB becomes a member of LWG (Leather Working Group), an internationally recognised reference standard for the leather manufacturing industry


  • AUG 2022
    OTB obtains a credit line tied to ESG objectives from Banca Intesa
  • SEP 2022
    OTB publishes the first Group Sustainability Report. The report covers financial year 2021 and includes the calculation of the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Carbon Footprints
  • OCT 2022
    OTB promotes the creation of the Re.Crea Consortium with Prada Group, Dolce&Gabbana, MaxMara Fashion Group, Moncler Group and Ermenegildo Zegna Group, and assumes the vice-presidency.
  • The Consortium aims to respond to the European Directive on Extended Producer Responsibility for textile waste and promote the research and development of innovative recycling solutions
  • NOV 2022
    OTB joins The Fashion Pact, the global coalition of companies working together to share best practices and find new solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the entire fashion system


  • JUN 2023
    OTB receives approval for three ambitious GHG emission reduction targets from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)
  • OTB publishes its second Group sustainability Report covering financial year 2022
  • SEP 2023
    The C.A.S.H. project marks its 10th anniversary, which guarantees OTB suppliers a facilitated access to credit
  • OTB launches the M.A.D.E. Made in Italy, Made Perfectly project, presenting a docuseries to showcase the Italian fashion and luxury supply chain knowhow, involving suppliers of the OTB Group
  • OCT 2023
    OTB and Diesel obtain Gender Equality Certification under Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan

Letter to Stakeholders

Our Sustainability Strategy is continuously evolving and improving. We update our materiality analysis every year to identify the most significant issues for our internal and external stakeholders and the changes that occur more and more rapidly in the world that surrounds us. Thanks to this approach, we are able to effectively integrate sustainability into the Group’s activities and to define and reach concrete objectives year after year