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We aim at creating a model of excellence that supports people at all stages of their professional career, to stimulate their growth, develop new skills and guarantee a work-life balance

Diversity in OTB

The promotion of inclusivity, diversity and talent enhancement continues to play a key role in the activities of the OTB Group. Since 2020, as part of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy (DE&I), several projects have been launched in all the Group’s companies, to spread a corporate culture that values diversity, fosters equity and inclusion and provides concrete support to the business in the implementation of the necessary policies to achieve these goals.

In 2023, a DE&I Committee was created at Group level to evaluate and approve initiatives related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion topics. The Committee members are the Group Chairman, the Chief People & Organisation Officer, the Group Chief Sustainability Officer and the CEOs of the companies that head the brands at central and regional level in the different areas of the world where the Group operates.

The Group certifications and policies

In 2023, the Group adopted a DE&I Policy, which specifies the principles, objectives and guidelines underpinning the Group's commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and a Gender Equality Policy designed to ensure a fair, safe and stimulating working environment for all employees, collaborators and partners. In particular, the Gender Equality Policy sets out the Group's principles and guidelines in relation to several working-related matters of OTB, such as the selection and hiring process, the performance and talent management systems, training and development, salary and work-life balance, as well as topics related to parenting and the prevention and reporting of harassment in the workplace. Both policies must be applied by all the companies of the Group.

With regards to this topic, in 2023, OTB and Diesel obtained the Gender Equality Certification (UNI/PdR 125:2022) following an evaluation process focused on six indicators and conducted by a world-leading certification company specialized in inspection, conformity verification and certification services. Specifically, the assessment focused on corporate culture and strategy, governance, human resources processes, growth and inclusion opportunities for women, gender pay equity, support for parenthood, and work-life balance.

Promoting inclusivity

The Group is committed to raising awareness on topics such as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I), and during 2023 it provided more than 2,000 hours of training on these topics. Among the most innovative initiatives were courses on parenthood, as well as modules on “Inclusive Language”, “Unconscious Bias” and the prevention of gender harassment in the workplace to foster a working environment based on respect, a sense of belonging, freedom of expression and psychological safety.

The importance of education

The OTB Group's commitment towards learning is reflected in the rise in investments on this activity over the past two years, with an increase of 21,321 training hours provided compared to 2021. We aim at creating an efficient and effective system that includes a wide range of innovative courses and communication and leadership tools for all our employees, designed to foster flexible and stimulating learning.


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