The OTB Foundation

The OTB Foundation, ensuring equal opportunities

The OTB Foundation is the non-profit organization established to make a difference in people's lives by ensuring equal opportunities

OTB Foundation

The OTB Foundation is the non-profit organization of the OTB Group, that aims at promptly and concretely acting when emergencies arise and at improving people’s lives in a sustainable way, ensuring equal opportunities.

The projects are specifically selected based on their ability to drive innovation, create direct social impact and ensure long-term sustainability. With more than 350 social development projects worldwide, OTB Foundation had a significant impact on the lives of around 350,000 people. It ensures that all funds raised go directly to beneficiaries, and boasts of minimized administrative costs, thanks to a very lean structure that, when needed, makes use of the in-house expertise of the Group to which it belongs.

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Our mission is to ensure that the funds raised go to the beneficiaries of the projects we support, with as little dispersion as possible. Since 2006 we have helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Today we want to do even more, and to do so, we also need your help.

People at the heart

We aim at creating a model of excellence that supports people at all stages of their professional career, to stimulate their growth, develop new skills and guarantee a work-life balance