M.A.D.E. Docuseries

With M.A.D.E. we share the stories of our trusted partners

M.A.D.E., Made in Italy, Made Perfectly – our docuseries to give a voice to the Italian supply chain, by spotlighting its Manual Dexterity, Artisanal Skill, Dedication and Excellence

M.A.D.E. Made in Italy, Made Perfectly.

Launched on 15 September 2023 at the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy (MIMIT) in the presence of Minister Adolfo Urso, the docuseries presents the fascinating stories of OTB’s partner companies, who represent the excellence of Italian fashion.

The episodes recount the stories of the people whose talent and craftsmanship have helped build Italy’s reputation in the fashion industry, to the point where the country is now the highest expression of quality and expertise.

An acronym for Manuality, Artisanship, Dedication and Excellence, over the months the M.A.D.E. docuseries has paid tribute, in a series of videos, to the unique skills of the people behind the scenes who are the real artists of Made in Italy.

In the closing episode of the docuseries M.A.D.E., Renzo Rosso’s personal journey of dedication and entrepreneurship is weaved into the tales of artisanal excellence which, together, narrate the real essence of Made in Italy and encapsulate the values for which M.A.D.E. stands for: Manual Dexterity, Artisanal Skill, Dedication and Excellence.

This episode of M.A.D.E., Made in Italy, Made Perfectly, delves into the story of Rino Mastrotto, a tale of incredible artisanry.

Global leaders in leather goods, fabrics and tailored services, Mastrotto is founded on unwavering dedication to serving premium and luxury sectors, a relentless pursuit of excellence and a rigorous focus on innovation to inspire, cultivate new ideas and deliver creative solutions.

This episode of M.A.D.E., Made in Italy, Made Perfectly, explores Candiani Denim, whose innovative and unparalleled, responsible and high-quality fabrics make them unique on the global stage. What sets Candiani apart is its commitment to preserving its roots while embarking on a remarkable journey of innovation, as the sole company that continues to produce its denim where the fabric was born, more than 500 years ago.

This episode of M.A.D.E. explores Calzaturificio Stephen, a historic Italian manufacturer of luxury footwear since 1967.

With an unwavering commitment to precision, each shoe crafted by Stephen epitomises Made in Italy excellence, blending tradition with innovation.

This episode of M.A.D.E. dives into the rich heritage of Calzaturificio Walles, whose commitment to crafting quality shoes epitomizes a tradition of Made in Italy excellence, blending timeless tradition with forward-looking strategies.

This episode of M.A.D.E. explores the world of LIM - Original Treatments, whose works transcend mere production to embrace both art and artisanry.

Renowned in the fashion industry for their expertise in washing, dyeing and treating denim, fabrics, leather and accessories, LIM evokes the deepest emotions though every one of their treatments.

This episode of M.A.D.E. showcases the Made in Italy excellence of Camiceria Masiero, where quality is not a goal, but a guarantee.

With each shirt meticulously crafted, checked and refined using innovative techniques, Camiceria Masiero has epitomised Italian excellence since its foundation in 1986.

In this episode of M.A.D.E. discover the world of Sarprint, where technological innovation blends seamlessly with artisanal craftsmanship to create exceptional graphics.

This episode of M.A.D.E. delves into the fascinating narrative of Marta Carollo Knitwear Factory, a true powerhouse that weaves the very essence of luxury into every stitch.

For over 60 years, Marta Carollo Knitwear Factory has been a pioneer in the luxury knitwear industry, seamlessly merging traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create exquisite products, including those of our brands Maison Margiela and Marni.

This episode of M.A.D.E. unfolds the story of Pelletteria Almax, a Tuscan leather supplier, renowned for its pure artistry and unique craftsmanship. Founded in 1986 by Mauro Guerrini, the business has flourished, becoming an esteemed leather goods manufacturing company, crafting top-notch products for leading global fashion brands, including ours and, more specifically, Maison Margiela.

This episode of M.A.D.E. showcases the story of BAP Group, a button manufacturing company, that skillfully transformed from producing mother-of-pearl buttons, to developing and expanding its repertoire to a diverse range of small accessories, including Diesel’s iconic metal D.

Founded back in 1940 in Villongo (BG) by Alessandro Pievani, BAP is today a leading company in the production of a wide selection of accessories for the fashion world.

In this episode of M.A.D.E. find out more about the story of Bonaudo, a century old leather manufacturer, and its never-ending pursuit of perfection.

Founded in 1923 in Chivasso (TO), exactly one hundred years ago, today they are our trusted partners for crafting high-end leather goods for our brands Maison Margiela and Jil Sander.

In this episode of M.A.D.E. discover the story of Frassineti, a Tuscan family-run leather goods manufacturer.

Founded in 1964 near Florence in Rufina, Frassineti is known for its innovative, unique and excellent craftsmanship, especially in the art of crafting bags, including those for our brand Jil Sander.

This episode of M.A.D.E. unravels the story of SAGI Pelletterie, a high-end leather goods development and production workshop, distinguished by competence, flexibility, and dynamism.

SAGI Pelletterie has been dedicated to producing leather bags, accessories, and small leather goods for over 40 years, including those for our brands Maison Margiela and Marni.

The Value Chain

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