Empowering women to ensure equal opportunities

OTB Foundation supports women victims of violence, providing legal and psychological counselling, as well as work experience opportunities. It promotes women’s empowerment worldwide through initiatives aimed at ensuring equal opportunities. It also carries out training and social reintegration programs for women in need

Brave Women Awards

OTB Foundation has launched a women’s empowerment project, investing 550 thousand euros to cover the tuition fees of two-year Master’s degree courses in business management and public administration, sectors with low presence of women in top roles in Italy, for 57 young women, deserving for school curriculum and eligible for financial aid.

Scholarships financed

Euros invested in projects

Women at executive levels in Italian companies

Brave Women Award

Pink Shuttle

“Pink Shuttle” has been the first and only all-female transport service established in Kabul, that provides free mobility to the women of the city.

Drivers have been selected, trained and authorized by their families and the senior citizens’ council to be part of the project. A tutor has supported them in the achievement of a driving diploma. Passengers have been selected through agreements with the organizations in which they worked or studied.

Rides given


Indirect beneficiaries

Pink Shuttle


OTB Foundation intervenes when an emergency arises, with targeted and concrete actions that meet the urgent needs of the beneficiaries, in Italy and across the world