Safeguarding biodiversity and protecting oceans

We are drawing up an impacts analysis related to biodiversity and marine ecosystems, to mitigate them along the entire value chain

Adopting more responsible solutions

The Fashion and Textile industry has a significant impact on biodiversity and marine ecosystems due to the intensive use of resources, production practices and plastic and microplastic pollution. For this reason, the OTB Group is committed to mitigating its current and potential negative impacts connected to its business operations.

Safeguarding Biodiversity And Protecting Oceans

To contribute to the safeguarding of biodiversity and the protection of ecosystems, the OTB Group is drawing up an impacts analysis in order to implement practices aimed at mitigating the negative impacts that might be generated.

To contribute to the protection of the oceans, the OTB Group is adopting significant measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact of its brands’ B2B and B2C packaging.

As part of the transition to a more responsible fashion system, the Group is reducing the use of virgin plastic in favour of recycled materials, and it is researching alternative solutions. Moreover, to reduce its packaging waste, the Group is experimenting the use of reusable options for some product categories.

The Fashion Pact

In 2022, the OTB Group joined “The Fashion Pact”, a global coalition that aims to reduce the environmental impact of the entire fashion industry. The companies involved collaborate to share best practices and jointly identify innovative solutions to meet common goals, among them: mitigating global warming, restoring biodiversity, and protecting the oceans.

In line with “The Fashion Pact” goals, and in relation to the protection of the oceans and the safeguarding of the biodiversity, the Group OTB committed to:

  • Eliminate single use plastic in B2C packaging by 2025 and in B2B packaging by 2030;

  • Ensure that at least 50% of all plastic packaging used in B2C and B2B packaging is made with 100% recycled content by 2025 and 2030 respectively; 

  • Implement initiatives to prevent deforestation and promote responsible forest management practices by 2025.

Brave Together

People at the Heart of our Group Sustainability Strategy